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Why Mastering Detachment Is Good For The Soul

“Don’t cling to things because everything is impermanent.” 

― Mitch Albom

Creation is such a marvelous thing. Especially when it comes to human nature and all that becomes of our lives. Everyone in life, regardless of good or bad intentions, misguidances, pain, happiness, confusion, history, present, or future, we can all count on one thing… Love, belonging, and seeing things go. Many of us from birth experience someone caring for us without us doing anything in return. We grow and we are loved. As time passes, we learn independence; what it means to do things for ourselves, surviving a physical life, like all forms of life, which will seize to exist one day. 

Life as we discover, is about connecting and relating to other people, animals, and even material things. We relate to others like us, discover who we are and what interests us, and we grow apart, change environments, switch careers, fall out of love, and witness people passing away. Life is a feeling process that can become confusing and hurtful but also full of happiness and excitement with each transition. 

When becoming so connected to our creation and learning to be in love with our relationships with people in the world or the good emotions we feel, how do we disconnect? And more importantly, how do we get used to being okay with disconnecting?

Here are some ways to learn how to detach. Practice makes the master. 

1. Confidence: What helps me worry less about what I think I may have lost, (whether it be a job opportunity or a companion), I remind myself that the Universe is working in my favor, that everything is okay, and that everything I have asked for, whatever my intentions are, I will be receiving all great things. No matter what happens, I know that my life is continuously be set up for better experiences, ones that I never even fathomed. 

2. Expect Nothing: One of the trickiest most common emotions in attachment are expectations. We expect things to be a certain way with others as well as ourselves. We put pressure and get emotionally attached to outcomes when expecting things to play out a certain way. We must LET GO OF ALL OUR EXPECTATIONS. Love has no expectations. Love just exists with no conditions and respects all circumstances. If you remind yourself this while loving yourself, this will be the second step to allowing things to play out the way they need to while maintaining peace within yourself. 

3. Let Go Of Control: Most people who are assertive have a need to know what is going to happen and how. This is why intuitive and clairvoyant physics have successful businesses. People want to know what is happening and what will happen. Breathe deeply, remember that everything is beautiful and good and if it hurts or is frustrating now, it will only be so temporarily. Not everything is under our control and that is okay. Don’t carry that burden. 

4. Understanding Life and The Universe: We all know one thing for sure, we don’t know everything and new things are discovered everyday. The ocean is too deep to explore, there are billions of life forms we have yet discovered, we are made of the same components of stars, and we live in the Milkyway Galaxy which is a small part of the Multi Universe in which we exist. Wow, who is to say that once our body gives up, our soul does also? Death perhaps isn’t what we think, and maybe nothing really is. Heaven or Hell, may very well be in the mind. There is something about believing in souls regenerating without the physical body that is calming. Losing people you love or seeing people pass away is always a sad and painful process. We naturally miss things we no longer have. That is because we are creatures of habit. Once you learn to adapt and remember all of the joy in all things and know it is not truly the end, it eases us into detaching. 

5. Don’t Hold Onto Conflict: Loving ourselves without constant judgment is always something to practice. People go through hard times and in turn, find it difficult to communicate respectfully. There is no need to think everything is about you. Take it easy on everyone including yourself. Mistakes are common, and not everyday will be a perfectly happy one. The more you let negative feelings and thoughts go, the easier it will become. Be accountable for your mistakes, love yourself and know that you are growing continuously, and don’t allow the actions or words of others make you feel less than amazing. 

Practice peace as often as you can. Everything is temporary which can bring both happy and sad emotions. Life is a constant journey and out of it flows a lot of beautiful and exciting things. Life is truly what we make it. So remember to let go often and choose to smile. Love yourself and others. 

And remember, when life gives you lemons…




How To Find Faith During Hard Times

“As your faith is strengthened you will find that there is no longer the need to have a sense of control, that things will flow as they will, and that you will flow with them, to your great delight and benefit.” – Emmanuel Teney 

“You block your dream when you allow your fear to grow bigger than your faith.” – Mary Manin Morrissey

“And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.” – Paul Coelho

If deep struggle and discouragement didn’t exist since the beginning of time, then history wouldn’t have took the time to write the story of Job. During the times I feel most defeated, I think of Job’s Story often. Those thoughts usually transition into thinking of others who may have deeper sorrows than I may be experiencing at that moment. Because when we feel really low, we think really low. Our desires to speak negatively becomes first nature. The more bad thoughts, the more depression sinks in essentially making us feel empty.

The question is, how do we step away from the sorrow to see and feel the light? If there is one thing I know to be true, it is the scientific fact that we live and die, there is a time for succeeding and a time for losing, and no matter what we experience, things will always turn around and be okay.

Here Are A Few Things I Do To Keep My Faith When I Am At My Lowest Low:

Speak Positive Thoughts Aloud: When I am feeling defeated with warm tears streaming down my cheeks, I try my best to make room to hear the light within me. I repetitively speak positive affirmations aloud. I simply say things like, “I Have Nothing To Fear, Everything Will Be Okay. I Am Open To All The Goodness That Tomorrow May Bring. The Universe Is On My Side & The Creator Never Wants To See Me Down”.  I practice speaking different positive affirmations as a way to motivate my own spirit. Try saying this Amazing Positive Affirmation daily. It’s my absolute favorite. These positive affirmations can lead straight to prayer.

hardandclearWrite Down Your Fears: Writing down your burdens allows you to express your fears and doubts safely without being judged. Writing is another form of prayer. It helps you release the sadness while relieving your mind from heavy thoughts. When you write, be sure to jot down how you feel and follow it up with, “I trust you, (Creator). So be it!” This gives you confirmation that it will all turn around for the better because you trust it will.

Look To Your Supporters: The people you hold dear to you are the people who support you. You can talk to them about anything and know that they will give you words of encouragement. If you feel like you have little support from people then you can find support in a book, an inspirational website, positive music, therapy groups, or sometimes even a stranger. Be around those who operate out of love so you can feel the light that energy provides.

Trust Yourself: We can be our own worst enemy when our fears take over our minds. You must completely love and trust yourself. Speak highly of yourself hand remember that you are successful and have accomplished so much. We tend to forget we are accomplished in the midst of struggle. You must trust that good things will manifest itself once again and that these struggles are only temporary. Nothing is meant to stay the same forever but it can and will always get better. Be sure to count your blessings.

Everyday is a new opportunity for change and miracles. Be strong, full of faith, and let no situation or person make you feel that it is impossible. The Universe is conspiring for the things you want, ten fold. Believe it!