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How To Listen To Your Intuition While Setting Intentions

“intuition is always right in at least two important ways;
It is always in response to something.
it always has your best interest at heart” – Gavin de Becker

Life is very mystic; respectfully so. So mystic in fact that humans work hard on coming up with reasons why things are the way they are and how it all works. What I tend to marvel is that I’ve experienced similar situations in my relationships with people.

I’ve learned about intention, that positive energy attracts positive energy, how loving and nurturing oneself will help one make the best decisions, how to detach from specific things, and to never take things personally.

TIP:  Best thing to do is write down desires for your life that continue to provide positive happiness. It is okay to do it over and over if things change over time. Be as specific as you can and try not to set intentions based off of attachment to any specific person, place, or thing.

Practice Until You Master: For a couple of years, I have been putting this wisdom into practice wondering why I haven’t seen the results I desire. I’m realizing that practice is necessary before mastering these universal rules. It seems I have been attracting eerily similar situations into my life although the people and circumstances differ.

Furthermore, I wonder that while practicing these wisdoms, was it imperative that I had to meet and interact with these people and experience these things before moving onto the things I truly want. I’ve never been the person to settle for an unhappy lifestyle. Especially because I am oozing with love and the intention to heal and make others happy. It wasn’t until fairly recently that I have learned that happiness starts from within and in order to be happy and love others, you must first start with yourself.

Desire Growth: I have always craved internal growth. And the craving gets stronger as I continuously define who I become and what it is I really want out of life.

How To Listen: External disturbances including your own mind can confuse you. It is important to maintain a balance of self reflection in order to hear your own soul. The light within us speaks clearly when we are calm, quiet, and ready.

Although life is mysterious, interesting, and not always easy to deal with, find reasons to smile, set your intentions, listen to the light within, and move forward.