Once upon a time a poet with a humanitarian spirit was born. She always sought to inspire others & often inspired herself through writing poetry.

Growing up in NYC while being raised by a working single parent had it challenges. Transitioning into different phases of life while remaining positive has helped her achieve her goals.

No one has an easy road in life which is why she has decided to share light & love to those who want to heal & empower themselves.

Please share your stories, struggles, challenges & how you have overcome them or simply ask me a question in the contact form below.

We are currently looking for Positive Parenting and Inspirational blog writers.

If you are interested in being a guest blogger, please email me at lyric@dailylemonaide.com with a sample of your best work.

Let us uplift one another and remember, “When Life Gives You Lemons…”

With Love,

Meaghan Lyric Perez


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  1. Asha

    hey lyric – i sought out your blog early this AM and so happy i did; i guess something must have come to me in my dreams. keep sharing and uplifting your readers.


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