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Prevent Social Media From Ruining Your Frame of Mind

I have been a user of facebook since 2005. I have seen it develop year by year, season by season to what is now a huge corporation and a very successful website. Many of these social websites, mainly Facebook owned are utilized by people all over the world. Financially, it is amazing but socially and psychologically, it may not be healthy for its users. Facebook in particular, was created to share personal information with others and they continue to succeed in becoming more invasive by adding new options in what we share on their website.

With information like the status option people will feel compelled to share what they are going through with their feelings, what they are listening to, reading, etc. We can repost articles, ideas, and many people can easily feel offended by our lifestyles. I have definitely viewed a couple of negative posts and at times, I felt my mood change in an instant. From these experiences, I have made some changes and want to share with all of you how to enjoy social media. Just in case it ever dampers your mood.

First, keep in mind, that we control our own happiness. Even with this knowledge, I have to remind myself constantly so I can get back into my happy space. Emotions are always temporary and can stem from an array of different things.  With the knowledge that you are in control of your own state of mind, let me give you a couple of methods to make social websites a better experience.

1. Be Picky: We don’t need to be friends with or follow everyone . Technology is a facade of real life. You don’t have to keep in touch with people who tend to have a negative outlook on life, or one that doesn’t have a similar one as yours. Instead, be friends and follow people who give off inspiration. If you feel bad or absolutely think someone would be offended and it will cause an issue to “unfriend” or “block” someone, you can always unsubscribe to their posts and give them limited access to yours.

2. Be Cautious: No one is perfect. We all have fell short of posting something personal that may have been a mistake to share. Perhaps a wacky or personal photo that you held dear to your heart; a status sharing your frustrations, or something that was negatively judged by someone. I encourage you to keep intimate posts to a limit or don’t even post them at all. People who are negative can have a tendency to see things and in turn attempt to spoil your day by writing a comment in opposition or even something offensive. For example, you could share a post about something you enjoy and then find someone comments in opposition to your opinion on something small. That’s never a good feeling, but if you don’t want to limit personal posts, refer to the first step and remove that person from seeing your information.

3. Unsubscribe: Depending on how long you’ve been on a social website and how active you are will determine the amount of people you follow. Simply, and this may take time, unsubscribe and unfollow as much as you can. Follow only inspiration pages, or your closest friends and family. Things and people that encourage you and make you feel happy. This will help in the long run with our user experience. You will also encourage yourself by reading nothing but positive things.

I hope this helps you think differently about social media. And remember, When Life Gives You Lemons…