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Why The Journey is Greater Than The Goal

“It is good to have an end to journey toward; but it is the journey that matters, in the end.”
― Ernest Hemingway

For some reason we put pressure on ourselves  to accomplish a goal. Whatever our goal may be, whether it is one goal or three, we can not wait to reach it . Instead of enjoying the process of getting ahead step by step, we become disappointed if we haven’t accomplished the big goal. In the past, I became so concerned with reaching my end goal that I had a difficult time acknowledging the things I achieved on a daily basis. This caused me to believe that I wasn’t successful and in turn, I started to hinder my process of being progressive in a positive way. I would compare my achievements with the achievements of others, convincing myself that my work wasn’t good enough. I became fearful and at times, stagnant .

One day, during a conversation I was having about my history, I realized I actually accomplished a lot. Why did I not notice this before? Why was I hindering myself from simply enjoying my life while appreciating the little steps along the way? After this conversation I began to appreciate learning and experiencing life for its daily progression.  After appreciating my journey, more doors opened for me. Bigger doors with better experiences inside of them. Opening these new doors were not only an amazing part of my journey but it also enhanced my goal(s).

Everything we go through is for a purpose. Our journey brings about growth, strength, and wisdom. From experiences, we evolve into better individuals. It is our responsibility to believe that we are amazing. We are worth appreciating our lives and the experiences we go through. Whether it is a relationship that we may not be in anymore, a job we may have left behind, a change of paths we took on that in the beginning may have been difficult for us to transition into, there is a greater purpose for a greater goal. Remember your intention is everything. What you truly intend is what will manifest itself.

The truth is, our goals will never cease. We will have continuous goals to execute; Big ones and small ones. Because of this, you must enjoy your journey. Every part of your journey, every experience, is yours to endure and enjoy. There will be tough parts of the journey to prepare you for the amazing ones. So the next time you think you haven’t achieved much,  talk to yourself aloud and guess again. You are filled with purpose. Your journey is a gift.

And remember, when life gives you lemons…